The land that is known as Arakan by the foreigners is called Rakhaing-pray by its own people, Rakhaing-thar (Arakanese) who were titled this name in honour of preservation on their national heritage and ethics or morality.

Knowing full well that the Thai authorities are notoriously corrupt and have in the past intentionally withheld and/or planted evidence in order to protect murderers that are well connected, and with the recent accusations of police offering bribes to false witnesses and torturing suspects into giving confessions , we are not able to trust that the two Myanmar nationals, Win and Saw, being detained have not had their confessions forced out of them, and as such cannot trust that they are responsible for the horrific rape and murders of David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23.This being said, we demand a full independent investigation to be conducted by the government of the United Kingdom into these deaths in the hopes that the families of these victims may know justice has been served and that the deaths of two morepossible innocents might be avoided.
The Government of the United Kingdom, UK Ambassador to Thailand Mark Kent 
Independently investigate the horrific murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.
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Ancient Arakan Gold and Sliver Coins

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